The Dutch brand OOZOO launched its first collection of timepieces in 2000. Since then, the brand is a big hit in Europe and Australia

Our secret?

Fashion comes in first place, but obviously it’s just as important to display the right time. OOZOO Timepieces are fashion items in every sense of the word. OOZOO does not follow trends, it sets trends.

Some people see a watch as a convenient object that they use to be on time and nothing more than that. We believe that our timepieces can be seen as must have fashion accessories as long as they stay affordable, trendy and high quality. This is the starting point for every new series, to which we then add the OOZOO style for a one of a kind collection.
For over many years we have built a brand that’s all about watches, because time is such a precious gift. But now, watches are no longer enough for us. How beautiful that we now have expanded the brand with matching jewellery!


All jewellery are made of stainless steel with PVD plating. That means, the color will last. These durable pieces are designed by the latest trends and as an extension of our existing watch collections. Designs are available in the well-known tricolore: silver, gold and rose gold.